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When looking for an Inflatable Bounce House Rental Long Island, NY. We here at Jump and Slide Entertainment will be the first to tell you that you should do some checking up on some basic info about the Party Rental business you have chosen to do business with. The Inflatable Party Rental Industry is a business worth checking into before deciding who to rent from. We would like to bring a few reasons to any potential renters attention we feel are super important, that not every company seems to take as seriously as we do.

  1. Does the Party Rental Company you are looking into renting from have insurance in case of a catastrophe?? We do understand that no one wants to talk about or even think about needing insurance coverage for a small back yard children's birthday party, but life does happen and here at Jump and Slide Entertainment we take no chances at the expense of our valued customers. We always intend to cover our bases. YES WE ARE FULLY INSURED

  2. How well are that particular companies Inflatables and/or other Party Rental Equipment maintained?? The last thing you want at your party or event is torn up Inflatables or Concession Machines that don't work properly. Now, this can be a difficult question to get answered. We would recommend that the easiest way to come to this determination "other than if you or some one you know can describe what they encountered during a rental" is to search the business's name on sites that allow customers to leave reviews about their rental experience. *Sites Such As: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Yelp, Angies List, or maybe Yellow Pages. If that company has a business listing on any of these directories, their reviews should be very easy to find.

  3. Does the company in question keep their Inflatables and/or Party Rental Equipment CLEAN and SANITIZED?? Inflatables that are not kept cleanly are a breading ground for some nasty bacteria. We would recommend referring to question number 2 that we just covered above to best come to that conclusion. To read up on what our customers have had to say about our Customer Service, Inflatables, and Condition of Equipment, please visit our Testimonials.

Serving The ENTIRE long Island, NY Area

Please feel free to call us for rental reservation info at 631-321-7977 or click the GET A QUOTE button below to submit your reservation info on-line. Customer pick ups can be made available on certain Inflatables and other Party Rental Equipment. Please call for details.

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