Troubleshooting for Our Rentals

Troubleshooting Event Rentals

Having some issues with your party rentals? Looking to resolve them? You've come to the right place! Jump and Slide inspects all equipment prior to rentals, but we understand that things may happen. We're here to help! Use these resources below to guide you through some common issues and their solutions. 

Still having issues? 
Give us a call! We are more than happy to assist you, even if it's after hours. 

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If you've landed on this page, we want to extend our sincerest apologies. Nonetheless, Jump and Slide is here to help: everything will be okay! Our aim is for everything to run smoothly during your event, whether the issue is big or small! However, it's important to recognize that despite our diligent equipment checks and regular inspections, unforeseen circumstances can arise. Rest assured, we're here to assist you. Keep reading for detailed information on rentals and their potential issues along with solutions.

Most importantly: PLEASE reach out to us, even outside of regular hours. You'll find an emergency text number on our website: 631-557-0885. This communication ensures prompt resolution of any concerns and signals your effort to seek assistance. Often, these matters are easily solved. Should the need arise, our emergency road crew, led by seasoned professionals, is at your service if deemed necessary. Initiating contact via call or text remains the crucial initial step in expediting resolution!

Without a call or text, we cannot help as we don’t know that an issue occurred! If you’ve tried the steps below and the issue still persists, we are here to help; just reach out!


1.  My rental stopped working (deflated, wont turn on, collapsed)!

  1. When a rental stops working, this typically means there is no Without power, nothing will work! There are a few steps to check the power.
    1. First, find the green/pink extension cord that we Check that it is properly plugged into both the rental and your power source.
    2. If everything is properly plugged into the power source and rental, check the cord itself for any severe damage and see if there is a light on the cord. If the cord is receiving power, then the plug will have a visible If there is no light in the cord, then no power is being received.
    3. If no power is being received, this means that the circuit breaker has tripped. Make sure that there is nothing else plugged into the same outlet or the same circuit line. Sometimes even turning on a TV or light inside can trip the circuit breaker, even if everything was working fine before.
    4. If the circuit breaker tripped, locate the circuit breaker box and flip the switch to reset the breaker. This should fix the issue and supply the power.
    5. Make sure not to plug anything else in or overload the circuit!

2.  The rental is still inflated, but it looks like it's collapsing a little bit / not fully inflated.

  1. All rentals are powered by a blower, and in order to work, the blower takes in If something is obstructing the air intake (furniture, garbage, tarp, etc.) then the blower will not work at full capacity. Check that the blower is clear!
  2. Make sure you do not see any fully opened velcro or If there are any large openings in the rental, please give us a call! Sometimes we may tie off unused extensions, so make sure they are also tied off fully.


1.    The pool on the slide isn’t filling up quickly or at all.

  1. If your water slide rental has a pool, this must be filled up directly from a hose. Not from the misting hose system! Filling the pool with the mister hose alone will actually collapse the lanes as the water can’t travel all the way down to the
  2. You MUST use a regular standard A pocket hose will not fill the pool quickly since it affects the water pressure.
  3. If you're not paying attention to the pool and the water is too high, the walls on the side of the pool will collapse. This will dump the water onto the ground without you realizing! So be sure not to overfill the We recommend about halfway and just above the fill line.
  4. If you fill the pool up earlier in the morning, some of the water will evaporate or might leak out. Be sure to replenish it every few hours!

2.    The pool / slide is leaking!

  1. If there is a tarp under the inflatable, sometimes there will be puddles of water. The inflatable also needs to release small amounts of air so that it doesn’t over inflate and pop like a The combination of these two results in what can look like water is leaking, when in reality there is just a puddle with the air escaping from the unit, making it appear to be leaking water.
  2. If there is an apparent large hole in the slide, call us and let us However, this is a very rare occurrence.

3.    The vinyl liner detached from the slide / pool!

  1. Sometimes when guests are sliding down or using the inflatable, they can pull or rip on the This causes it to detach from the velcro. To fix this, simply secure the lane or pool back in place by attaching the velcro pieces together again!

4.    My guests are getting scratched sliding down the slide.

  1. This relates to the issue Typically this is from the velcro becoming undone from someone tugging or pulling on the vinyl, so just find the velcro that came undone and reattach it!
  2. If guests are still being scratched and all velcro is secured, give us a call.

5.    The misting hose at the top is spraying water everywhere / there is too much water coming out.

  1. With the misting hose system, there are many tiny holes throughout the hose. This makes the water spray to wet the slides. Suppose there is too much water being sprayed. In that case, you can adjust the level of water at the connection site between our hose system and your Find the connecting piece located at the end of your hose and the attachment will have a small black dial to adjust the force of the water, simply turn this dial to decrease the water pressure! The lanes only need a bit of water to get wet, so don’t worry about there not being enough water.

6.    My guests aren’t making it all the way down to the end of the slide!

  1. When first using the rental, it takes some time to get the lanes fully After the lanes are fully wet, be sure to have them slide correctly with their back fully laid down, arms crossed, and legs crossed.
  2. Sometimes, it just depends on the size of the guest and the length of the lane. With longer lanes, lighter guests might not have enough inertia and force to make it fully down the lanes.

7.    The lane looks like it's collapsing right before the pool!

  1. If the waterslide isn’t being used and the misting hose system was left on, the water will collect in the lanes. The weight of the water that is stuck on the lane of the slide will cause it to collapse into itself. To remove the water, have an adult walk the bottom portion of the lane and bring the water down into the pool. By walking along the lane, the weight of the person will bring the water into the Make sure not to leave the mister hose on for more than 30 minutes without use!


1.    My generator stopped working!

  1. First, check that there is enough gas. If you rented a generator from us, there should be a gauge at the top/side that has a red line. If the red line is low (or not appearing), this means that there is no Fill up the generator in the gas intake until the red line reaches the top!
  2. Make sure that all of the cords are properly plugged into the generator.
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