At Jump and Slide Entertainment, we want all of our guests to have a great time with all our units and rentals. From our Combo Bounce Units to our Water Slides, we supply the MOST FUN for every type of event! Our number one priority, though, is you and your guests’ safety.

Some of the most common questions we get about our rentals and safety concerns are the following:

1. Are we covered by insurance?


2. Are your units safe for everyone?

Here’s a breath of relief – the answer to both is YES! We consistently update our inventory along with the insurance requirements to keep you covered if we are at fault.

Every year, the owner of Jump and Slide spends countless hours inspecting units from all the manufacturers, seeing firsthand that the safety requirements are met before any purchase is made. Many fly-by-night companies order these cheap, low grade inflatables from other countries without seeing firsthand how they are made. We assure you our units are made in the USA and have many safety features built-in. Here are just two excellent examples:

1. Our units are made with something called ‘baffle systems.’ This allows air to be funneled through the entire unit. What this means is if the unit were to lose power and the air stops flowing, the baffle system will allow the unit to slowly deflate to the ground. In the case of poorly manufactured units, no extra money is spent on placing baffle systems in the unit because the material is expensive. Without the baffle system installed, it will cause the air to escape in the middle, causing it to fall HARD AND VERY FAST! Not with our units. Jump and Slide Entertainment believes cheap is not good – and GOOD IS NOT CHEAP!

2. Our units come equipped with a safety screen net. What exactly is a safety screen net? Glad you asked! If you look at the top of our entire slide, you will see a screen net going across the top of the slide on the very top. This prevents kids from jumping from the top to slide down. It’s something our competitors don’t necessarily think of, but rest assured – we got you covered.

Don’t think for one second we’re stopping there – our trainers are required to know each and every safety measure taken. We also have our supervisor who does random checks after set ups are complete to insure 100% that every job is set up correctly and with the highest regard to our safety requirements. Jump and Slide Entertainment has been in business with the same company name for over 10 years. Our quality and safety checks guarantee we’ll be in business for a long time to come.

Another extra safety check we complete after every event: we inspect and clean every unit afterwards to ensure fun, clean, and safe use for your event. We also tag each unit with the date and the inspector’s name who cleaned and expected it. Don’t believe us? We invite you at any time to give us a visit at 20 Lucon Drive, Deer Park and our team will personally show you that every single unit we have on our shelf has a green tag showing the date, time, and name of person who inspected the unit. Try getting that from another company who operates out of a garage!

Kids, Toddlers and even Adults can enjoy all our units we have to offer. We do ask that each age group be separated as some of the older kids (including the Adults!) may want to jump and bounce a little higher than your smaller guests. We get it, though – you want to have fun, too! So if you’re thinking you might want to get something entertaining for the older crowd, we HIGHLY recommend our Inflatable Games and Obstacle Courses.

Some of our most popular units are our Water slides, which provide endless hours of fun on a hot summer day. There’s nothing like the rush of racing down our water slides or running through our Aqua Blaster Obstacle Course. That’s why we’ve got special units for every type of party! Having a small birthday? We’ve got slippery single lane slides that will keep your guests entertained all day! What about a massive block party? Don’t worry – we’ve got it covered. This unit is three lanes for 3X the fun! Our NEW Triple Lane Water slide is bound to be endless fun for all ages. We just ask that guests only go down the lanes one at a time. No one wants to be stuck in a traffic jam at the end of a great ride!

While we try to ensure at Jump and Slide Entertainment that you and your guests have the best time possible, sometimes accidents happen – we get that. In the event of an emergency, evacuate all guests from the unit quickly and calmly. Once you have cleared the area, give us a call at 631-321-7977 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in any and every way possible.

While all of you, our awesome customers, know you’ll have a ball with our rentals, we’ve got a few extra safety rules and tips available on our website HERE.

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