Get ready, everyone. Summer 2017 is coming in fast and hot, and we have the perfect solution for you all! All winter long we have been searching for great new items for our customers, by attending trade shows and searching high and low from the best vendors for the highest quality products, and we have a wonderful new selection for you.


If you enjoy sports, check out our new Shooting Stars Basketball Challenge, the perfect way to compete against your friends in one of the most enjoyable basketball games in your life! If you like a challenge or two, you’ll be delighted with our new games, such as the Whack the Pegs Race, Strike a Light Race, Boulder Dash Run, Speed Light Challenge, Galactic Race Light Challenge, and our Hungry Hippo Player Challenge. These games and inflatables will test your mind and skills like never before, and you’ll have so much fun playing them you’ll forget about all your troubles and just have a good time! Looking for a wacky way to make your party more interesting?

Try our new Fun House Escape Maze, you’ll feel like you’re at a carnival with all of the confusing twists and turns and pictures inside. Want to cool off yet have an amazing time doing it? Our new Fire Wave Waterslide is a red-hot item, and is sure to make everyone happy, even grandpa! Our new splash guard at the top of the pool will make sure only those who want to get soaked will, ensuring that everyone is having a great time. The new radical Fun Run is an entertaining obstacle course and slide combo that you can race your friends and family on, just make sure there’s no sore winners or losers!

Having a birthday party? Our Birthday Cake Combo is the perfect addition to make any kids, or adults, dream party come true. This new item features a bouncer, climber, slide, and not one, but two basketball nets: double trouble. This is a very exciting way to enjoy any birthday party, just don’t try and blow out the candles on the bouncer! Know anyone who is having a party and loves Mickey Mouse? Mickey and his pals have made their way over to Jump and Slide, with their new Mickey Mouse Water Slide. This water slide will add a smile to anyone’s face, because who doesn’t love mickey and water slides?

If you’re having a party for anyone with a sweet tooth, rent our new donut machine. Mmmmm, donuts. Donuts have a special place in everyone’s heart, with their sweet sugar coating and hot, fried dough. This special new machine is going to make you and your party guest’s hot donuts that will leave everyone wanting more.

Another new product of ours that will leave your guests wanting more is our new volcano pool waterslide. This waterslide is an item like never before; it actually has a detachable pool at the bottom, but wait, where would everyone go? You have the ability to attach the waterslide to your own pool! Kids and adults will go nuts over this idea, and so will you! Our last new item for the 2017 year is our Ferris Wheel Deluxe. Don’t worry; it’s not an actual Ferris wheel! The Ferris wheel bouncer is an amazing bouncer that comes with a slide [[[and a carnival game inside]]] and is perfect for anyone having a carnival party, or someone who just really likes Ferris Wheels!

Thank you for reading, and keep all of our new inflatables in mind at your next event!

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