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Mechanical Bull USA RING

Mechanical Bull USA Ring With Trained Operator

    • Setup Area: 20’ x 20’ x 10′ headroom – FOOTPRINT OF AREA
    • Outlets: 2 separate 110 outlets within 100 ft (on separate circuits)
    • Age Group: Kids and Adults (Commercial Grade)
    • Attendants: 1 Trained Operator for duration of rental

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Mechanical Bull Rental For Long Island, NY

Item Description:

Jump And Slide Entertainment, Long Island Mechanical Bull Rentals. Looking to rent a Mechanical Bull party rental for an adult party? Or a Mechanical bull party rental for a kid? Well, it’s here! SAFE CLEAN AND AFFORDABLE! The mechanical bull is placed on a soft like bounce house inflatable. Our bull rentals come with the best-trained operators! That is no BULL! We have been operating Mechanical bulls for a very long time. We have a safe track record and our operators are certified.

Our USA Mechanical bull takes you back to the rodeo show. If you are feeling like a brave cowboy or a courageous cowgirl put on your rodeo face and hop on the mechanical bull rental. Once on grab the bull by the horns and show that Bull is the boss of this birthday party or retirement party. This bull can be rented for holiday parties or any surprise party. Looking for a big bad bull rental in Suffolk County or Nassau County Long Island? Then look no further! This bull operates on a console that has the newest and most advanced safety measures for the operator and the bull rider at the party. The control console has a LARGE led clock that lets the trained operator know how long the rider has lasted. SAFETY Is Paramount! It has 6 automatic programs set at different riding levels and the AUTOMATIC STOP SYSTEM. As soon as the Cowboy or Cowgirl falls off the bull it comes to a complete stop!


Rental Specifications/Requirements:

  • GENERATORS PLEASE NOTE: the use of portable generators to power the machine can damage the electronics. If you must use a portable generator, it MUST be rented from us as we use branded generators with inline power surge protection.
  • WEATHER: as this is a mechanical ride, we CANNOT rent this ride in bad weather (rain, snow, etc.) . If you would like to proceed with the rental and there is bad weather in the forecast, you MUST have a 20x20 tent to cover the bull, this tent does not have to be from our company but must be there to cover the bull
  • Supervision is required at all times
  • Jump and Slide is not responsible for bad weather after delivery 
  • If any issues arise during rental period, client must call or text our office to resolve any problems
  • If it rains during setup or after unit(s) are setup, be aware as water will get inside the unit(s)
  • We CANNOT set up on sand or walk across sand to set up
  • Client agrees we are not responsible for electrical issues
  • We use stakes to secure all rentals into the ground. If there are any underground lines or sprinklers, client can map/flag where they run underground and we will try to avoid them. If not, client can add on sandbags/waterbarrels to order for additional cost


We require a flat clean dry space fee from any sharp objects 20’ x 20’ with a ceiling height of 10’ We require an electrical power supply that has 20 amps at 110 volts single phase within 100 feet of where the ride will be situated. We cannot rent out mechanical rides to venues such as bars or clubs. 

All participants take part entirely at their own risk; it is your responsibility to ensure that your guests/patrons are fully aware of this. The hire is responsible for any damage done to the hired equipment whilst in their possession/location The hire agrees to indemnify the artist, company, and their employees against any injury or damage caused to a person or persons whilst the equipment/activity is at their premises/location.

If the event is outdoors we reserve the right to close down the event if our operators feel that is unsafe to continue for any reason whatsoever; the operator’s decision is ALWAYS FINAL. You can rent a Tent from us to cover your bull rental. In case of any unexpected weather. Tents are also great to keep the riders cool from the sun beating down on them.



Rent a Mechanical Bull All of our mechanical bulls carry commercial general liability insurance at a minimum of $1M per occurrence and $2M aggregate. We make no exceptions. Additionally insured certificates are available upon request.



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