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Hungry Hippo Challenge # iG36

(#4) Hungry Hippo Team Challenge

    • Actual Size: 30x30

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Hungry Hippo Challenge


 item# IG36   SIZE 30X30  POWER: 1 - 20amp circuit | AGE: Kids and Adults      
 Hungry Hippo Chow now comes in HUMAN SIZE. Who remembers how that board game "Hungry Hippo," this life-size game is fun, interactive, and hysterical! Players are tethered to a short bungee and when the game starts, players of all ages run to the center to collect as much "hippo food" as they can, bring it back, and stuff it in their "food bag." The player with the most "food" in their bag wins! A must-have at your next party or event. Loads of laughs, tons of fun!



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