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Gladiator Jousting Arena #iG7

(#6) Gladiator Jousting Arena iG7

    • Setup Area: 20' L x 20' W x approximately 7' H
    • Outlets: 1 - 20amp circuit within 100 ft.
    • Age Group: Kids and Adults (Commercial Grade)

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Gladiator Jousting Arena

Item Description:
Our Gladiator Jousting Arena inflatable game is the perfect choice for kids, teens, and adults. Two gladiators step into the arena and prepare for battle. Once inside the arena, the gladiators gear up and try to get their balance on the shaky arena pedestal. They will then try to knock each other off using soft foam sticks. The best part? All spectators will have a full 360-degree view of the match inside the arena; plus, we’ve installed safety netting around the unit so that no one flies out of the arena! Perfect for school carnivals, graduation parties, block parties and so much more.



We deliver to all of Nassau and Suffolk County for a party and inflatable rentals. We also deliver to ALL the Hamptons for all your inflatable and party needs!

Rental Specifications/Requirements:

  • Supervision is required at all times

  • Jump and Slide is not responsible for bad weather after delivery 

  • If any issues arise during rental period, client must call or text our office to resolve any problems

  • If it rains during setup or after unit(s) are setup, be aware as water will get inside the unit(s)

  • These units are not waterproof. Some units have mesh roofs and others have vinyl. Either one, water can get inside the unit.

  • We CANNOT set up on sand or walk across sand or STEPS to set up

  • We use stakes to secure all rentals into the ground. If there are any underground lines or sprinklers, client can map/flag where they run underground and we will try to avoid them. If not, client can add on sandbags/waterbarrels to order for additional cost

  • Client agrees we are not responsible for electrical issues

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