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Boulder Smash Run #iG37

(5) NINJA Boulder Smash Run #iG37

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SIZE15X50 15FT TALL   Power: 2 separate 20 amp outlets  AGE: Kids and Adults

When it comes to delivering something NEW AND EXCITING. Jump And Slide doesn’t let you down Boulder Dash Rental may have the most capacity for interaction. It's a dash to the finish in this game that combines both speed and strategy. Two opponents face off head-to-head, zig-zagging from the start line and trying to make it 50 feet to the finish line.  Not only is it a blast for 8 people to participate in, but onlookers get to have a fun time being a “boulder –thrower” They will swing these soft boulders at the participants to try and knock them off of their pedestals as they laugh hysterically and cheer as the action taking place!. The best way to simply describe this blowup party rental is that it is similar to the classic arcade game Frogger.



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