(8) Backyard 7 IN 1 Obstacle Course #CU2 | Jump And Slide Entertainment Inc | bounce house rentals in Southampton, New York

(8)  Backyard 7 IN 1 Obstacle Course #CU2

(#21) Backyard 7 IN 1 Obstacle Course #CU2

    • Actual Size: 22' L x 19 W x 16' H

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Backyard Obstacle Course 7 in 1

SIZE: 19' L x 22' W x 16' H | POWER: 1 - 20amp circuit | AGE: Kids and Adults

Not enough room for the LARGER inflatable obstacle course rentals on Long Island? This party rental inflatable obstacle course combo has it all. A perfect pick for your kid's birthday party inflatable rental. Start by picking out your favorite inflatable theme art panel, comes complete with a large bouncing area, basketball net inside, basketball net outside, obstacle course inside, and finally at the end they put a slide which gives you the best of everything all in one unit.

If it rains during setup or after unit(s) are setup be aware units will get water inside.
These units are not waterproof. Some units have mesh roofs and others have vinyl. Either one will get water inside the unit. Jump And Slide Inc will not be responsible for bad weather after the unit is delivered.

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