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    • Actual Size: 18'WX19'L X17FT TALL

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18'W X19' DEEP AND 17 FEET TALL   | POWER:NEEDS  2 - 20amp circuit | AGE: Kids and Adults

 Step right up! Perfect for first birthday parties. Kids love this for carnival parties on Long Island. Speaking of carnival parties, it has a carnival game inside for the kids to play. This goes great with our carnival mirrors, dunk tank rentals, mini-golf, laser tag parties, and more. You can also rent a party tent or carnival tent and carnival booth to go with this beautiful combo bounce house rental. Another great addition to this is Cotton candy rentals. We have all the best party rentals. Order this all-new beautiful, action-packed, inflatable bounce house rental Ferris Wheel. Guaranteed to be the best inflatable jumper and it will be the talk of the town. Kids love to Jump And Slide all day. It's perfect for kids' birthday parties. Adults also love to jump in this bouncy house rental. It towers over everything including our tent rentals at 17 FEET TALL!!!! This Inflatable Ferris Wheel rental on Long Island is not your average Ferris wheel bouncer other companies have to offer. We equipped this DELUXE Ferris wheel with a bouncer inside along with a basketball net to shoot a game of hoops. But wait there is more……We have a climber to reach the top of the slide and take a ride down….Then navigate your way through all the different obstacles we put inside…..Finally, the last thing we placed in this Deluxe Ferris wheel is a beautiful carnival game on the side. While you might be experiencing a very hot summer we rent the best water slides for Long Island. Giant water slide rentals.Obstacle course rentals. Sport inflatable game rentals. Jump And Slide deliver all over Long Island.
Perfect for Carnival Party rentals, school fairs, church events, fundraisers, 1st birthday parties, or any backyard party rental on Long Island. Servicing all of the Hamptons, Suffolk County, and Nassau county.



If it rains during setup or after unit(s) are setup be aware units will get water inside.

These units are not waterproof.Some units have mesh roofs and others have vinyl.Either one will get water inside unit.Jump And Slide Inc will not be responsible for bad weather after unit is deliviered.



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