Stuff A Bear Machine

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Step 1: Pick your Favorite Critter

Step 2: Watch Your Bear Come to Life!

After you pick thee perfect pet take your pet to the filling station to watch your pet come to life. When fully stuffed close your eyes and make a wish by inserting the key into the pet and close the zipper

Step 3: Artwork Time

COLOR ME TEES FOR YOUR FAVORITE Stuff A pet. Take some fabric markers …One t-shirt provided and let the kids color the tee shirts. When finished the kids get to dress their new pats with their art work… Also comes complete with birth certificate for kids to keep!

Color Me Tees And Markers


Stuff-A-Bear Machine

Step One: Pick your Favorite Animal

Step Two: Watch Your Friend Come to Life!
After you pick the perfect furry friend, take them to the filling station and watch them come to life! When it’s fully stuffed, close your eyes and make a wish! Place the key (which we provide) into your furry friend and close the zipper.
Step Three: Get Creative!
We provide additional fun by giving each friend a tee-shirt for your guests to color and decorate with our fabric markers. Once your guests finish, they can dress their new friend and complete an adorable birth certificate for them to keep!

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