Pirate Cannon Shoot-Out


Order – # iG24

Dimensions: 15′ L x 12′ W x 8′ H

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IG24 – Pirate Cannon Shootout 15’L X 12’W X 8’H
Kids and adults will want to play this awesome shootout! It comes in two different themes: Pirate or Zombie Defense. It comes with pirate or zombie graphics to match your pirate-or-zombie-themed event. One or two people can play at a time. Start out by taking very soft spongy nerf balls and dropping them into the cannon blaster. Take aim as the soft ball flies out and you try to score by hitting your target. If you miss, the ball comes rolling back on the top. And if you are a skilled sharp shooter, the soft ball will dispense on the bottom, which acts as a score keeper.
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